HC Deb 15 May 1854 vol 133 c397

Message from Her Majesty brought up, and read by Mr. Speaker (all the Members being uncovered), as follows:—


"The operations of the War in which Her Majesty is engaged with the Emperor of Russia, having rendered it necessary to send a large part of Her Majesty's Regular Forces Abroad, Her Majesty deems it proper to provide, without delay, additional means for the Military Service at Home, and, therefore, in pursuance of the Act of Parliament enabling Her Majesty to call out and assemble the Militia of the United Kingdom, Her Majesty has thought it right to make this Communication to the House of Commons, to the end that Her Majesty may cause the said Militia, or such part thereof as Her Majesty shall think necessary, to be forthwith drawn out and embodied, and to be disposed and posted as occasion shall require."


I give notice that to-morrow I shall move an Address to Her Majesty in answer to the Message now read.

The House adjourned at One o'clock.