HC Deb 08 May 1854 vol 132 cc1494-6

in moving for leave to bring in a Bill for the Encouragement of Seamen, and the more effectual manning of Her Majesty's Navy during the present war, said, that the high-sounding title of the Bill might have excited feelings of expectation on the part of the House which he feared would meet with disappointment. This, however, was the invariable title of the Prize Act introduced at the commencement of war. The Bill was limited to the duration of the war, and was exactly similar to all former Prize Acts, with this exception—that the scale of distribution of prize money was that announced in Her Majesty's Proclamation, giving a much larger share to the common men, and a much smaller one to the admirals and superior officers. There was also a new provision rendered necessary by the fact that we now had a maritime ally, and that it was, of course, requisite to make provision for prizes taken by joint capture. With regard to the second Bill, that was of a more permanent character.


hoped the right hon. Gentleman would give his attention to the subject of bounties.

After a few remarks from Mr. OTWAY and Sir G. TYLER,


was disappointed at the Bill not being so comprehensive as its title seemed to indicate, but approved the arrangements that were to be made with regard to prize money.

Leave given; Bill ordered to be brought in by Sir James Graham, Mr. Osborne, and Mr. Cowper.

Bill read 1°.

The House adjourned at a quarter before Twelve o'clock.