HC Deb 09 March 1854 vol 131 cc586-7

said, he would now move the postponement of the issue of writs to those boroughs that had been the subject of inquiry before a Commission. He did not propose to postpone the issuing of those writs for the period of which he had given notice, but till to-morrow se'nnight—that was to say, Friday, the 17th of March. The reason he took that course was, that the House was not yet in a condition to judge whether the writs ought to be issued or not. With regard to all the boroughs except Tynemouth, his hon. and learned Friend the Attorney General was ready and prepared to deal with them by Bills which he would bring before the House on Monday next. It was also desirable, before the writs were issued, that the House should decide upon the Bill which he had had the honour to introduce, and another Bill which was introduced by the hon. and learned Member for East Suffolk (Sir F. Kelly), because if it was the intention of the House to proceed with a Bill for preventing bribery and corruption, then it would be desirable to postpone the issue of those writs till such a measure should have passed the House. With regard to Tynemouth, the Report on that borough had not yet been delivered. He believed it would be in the course of to-morrow; but, as far as he had been able to look at it, it appeared to him to differ somewhat from the case of other boroughs. However, the House would be in a condition to judge for itself when the Report, with the evidence, was laid before it.


said, he saw no objection to the Motion of the noble Lord; in fact, he thought it was the best course that could be taken, as it was desirable to see the Bills of the hon. and learned Attorney General before deciding upon the issue of the writs. But he thought no time should be lost in bringing forward those Bills, which he expected to have been introduced, as they were on the paper.


That was a mistake of the clerk; they were meant for Monday.


Then, of course, his observation fell to the ground; but he would remind the noble Lord that the Income Tax Bill was fixed for Monday. That was a very important matter, but he hoped the noble Lord would endeavour to secure time for both.

Motion agreed to.

Ordered, That no Warrants for New Writs for Barnstaple, Cambridge, Canterbury, Kingston-upon-Hull, Maldon, and Tynemouth, be issued before Friday the 17th day of March.