HC Deb 07 March 1854 vol 131 cc449-50

I see, Sir, some important Orders of the Day and notices of Motion for Friday evening. There is the second reading of the Bill for the Removal of Bribery, and the second reading of the Controverted Elections Bill; also a notice by the noble Lord of a measure for making further provision for the good government and extension of the University of Oxford. What I wish to ask the noble Lord is, whether the whole of that business is likely to come on, and in what order?


On Friday I propose to postpone the Orders of the Day, with the view of bringing in a Bill for the government and extension of the Universities. After, that business is disposed of, I shall then propose to take the second reading of the Bribery Bill. I shall not take the Bill for the trial of Converted Elections, with respect to which notice has been given of a resolution upon the second reading, I do not know whether we shall be able to proceed on the same night with the Poor Law Settlement Bill; but my right hon. Friend the President of the Poor Law Board is anxious to proceed with that Bill, if possible.


I wish to know whether, under these circumstances, the Poor Law Settlement Bill ought not to be definitely postponed, because the inconvenience is great of not knowing exactly when such a Bill will come on?


There are some returns of great importance connected with the Bill of the right hon. Gentleman the President of the Poor Law Board which are not yet delivered. That may be a reason with the noble Lord why the second reading should be postponed.


If there are returns required to be laid on the table of the House, I will not press that Bill on Friday; but as the Government have only two nights in the week, I think the usual hours of sitting should be employed in Government business.