HC Deb 31 July 1854 vol 135 c1005

rose, at the request of Lord Shaftesbury, to remove an impression which had arisen from words supposed to have fallen from him on a previous occasion in reference to the Board of Health. When that subject on a former occasion had been under discussion in this House, he (Sir B. Hall) had made use of certain words in allusion to certain regulations in relation to burial-grounds in the metropolis. He was reported to have said that those regulations emanated from the Board of Health in the one instance, and that in another Mr. Chadwick was the author. Lord Shaftesbury, however, had written to him to state that the Board of Health had nothing whatever to do with the regulations to which he had alluded; that they were entirely under the direction of the Secretary of State, and that as a Board they were not cognisant of, or a party to them.


said, it was perfectly true that these regulations did not proceed from the Board of Health, nor were they at all intended as general regulations, but as recommendations in reference to one particular burial-ground.