HC Deb 20 July 1854 vol 135 cc462-3

said, it would be very convenient to the House if the noble Lord the leader of the Government would say when he would lay on the table an estimate of the amount required in the form of a Vote of Credit for the expenses of the war, and when he would propose to take it into consideration.


said, that some misapprehension seemed to have ex- isted on the subject. In conformity with the usual practice, a Message would be sent down from Her Majesty to that and the other House of Parliament. In pursuance of that Message he would propose on Monday next, as was usual in time of war, that the Vote of Credit be granted to the amount of 3,000,000l He did not think it would be necessary to lay any estimate on the table; but his proposal would be that a Vote of 3,000,000l. be granted for the purposes of the war. With reference to a question which had been put to him the other night, he might state, that it would not be necessary to take any Vote in Committee of Ways and Means, the Votes already granted by the House being sufficient for the present.


said, he wished to know whether it was to be understood that the Royal Message would be taken into consideration on Monday?


The Message will come down, probably, to-morrow, and will be taken into consideration on Monday.