HC Deb 31 January 1854 vol 130 c108

NEW WRITS (during Recess).—For New Sarum, v. Charles Baring Wall, Esq. deceased; for Warwick County (Southern Division), v. George Guy Greville, Esq. commonly called Lord Brook, now Earl of Warwick, called to the House of Peers; for Gloucester County (Eastern Division), v. Henry Charles Fitzroy Somerset, commonly called the Marquess of Worcester, now Duke of Beaufort, called to the House of Peers; for Lisburn Borough, v. Roger Johnson Smyth, Esq. deceased; for Clonmel, v. John Cecil Lawless, Esq. commonly called the Hon. Cecil Lawless, deceased.

Now Ordered.—For Oxford University, v. Sir Robert Harry Inglis, Bt. Steward of Northsted; for Louth County, v. Chichester Samuel Fortescue, Esq., Commissioner of the Treasury; for Stafford County (Southern Division), v. Viscount Lewisham, now Earl of Dartmouth; for Brecknock Borough, v. Charles Rodney Morgan, Esq. deceased; for Salop County (Southern Division), v. Hon. Robert Henry Clive, deceased; for Sussex County (Western Division), v. Richard Prime, Esq. Chiltern Hundreds.

NEW MEMBERS SWORN.—For Gloucester County (Eastern Division), Sir Michael Hicks Hicks Beach, Bt.; for Stamford, Lord Robert Talbot Gascoyne Cecil; for New Sarum, Edward Pery Buckley, Esq.; for Dungarvan, John Francis Maguire, Esq.; and for Lisburn, Jonathan Joseph Richardson, Esq. being one of the people called Quakers, made the Affirmation required by Law.

PUBLIC BILL.—1° Outlawries.

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