HC Deb 22 December 1854 vol 136 c794

I wish, Sir, to ask a question of Her Majesty's Government, which I put to-day without notice, as I may not have an opportunity of doing so to-morrow. It is, whether Her Majesty's Ministers have received any official account of the blockade of the port of Memel by Russian gun-boats?


Sir, so far as I have received any accounts I have every reason to believe that no such blockade has been estsblished. I have received information from Admiral Chads, dated Elsineur, December 15, stating that up to that date Her Majesty's cruisers were still in the Baltic, to the north of Bornholm; and I have no reason to believe that any Russian ships of war have appeared off Memel; and least of all do I believe that they have instituted a blockade, not only of a neutral, but a friendly Power.