HC Deb 22 December 1854 vol 136 cc790-1

I take this opportunity of giving a notice which is of a somewhat unusual character probably, but which I trust the House will consider justifiable under the circumstances of the case. It is a notice to the effect that, without giving any other intimation whatever, or holding out any presumption that there is any intention on the part of the Government to propose any other financial measure of any other kind, it is the intention of the Government, in the event of the continuance of the war, when the time shall arrive for making the financial statement for 1855, that the duty on tea, instead of progressively falling until it shall reach 1s. per pound, shall continue at the rate at which it now stands, of 1s. 6d. It is on account of the enactment of the House being of such a long date, and that diminution of duty having been so long looked forward to, that the Government have thought it right to give this early notice of their intention to make this alteration in the law.

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