HC Deb 14 December 1854 vol 136 cc300-1

On the Order of the Day for the Second Reading of the Militia Bill,


said, I gave notice yesterday that I should take this opportunity of making an inquiry of the noble Lord as to the intentions of Her Majesty's Government with respect to the conduct of public business. It would be extremely convenient to Gentlemen on both sides of the House if the noble Lord could give us information this evening as to the possible prospect of the progress of public business during the next week.


In answer to the right hon. Gentleman, I beg to say that there are two measures which the Government will think it necessary to bring under the consideration of the House during this period of the Session. One is the Bill which my noble Friend (Viscount Palmerston) is about to propose to the House to read a second time, concerning the militia; another is a Bill which has been introduced in the other House of Parliament, with respect to the employment of foreign troops in the service of Her Majesty. We had entertained hopes that we should be enabled to present a Bill to the House to confirm the treaty that has been lately entered into with the United States of America; but it now appears that that Bill cannot be ready during the present sitting. Of course, the length of this period a the Session will depend upon the time that will be taken in passing the two Bills I have mentioned; but I trust that time will not be long, and that by this day week we may be able to adjourn over the Christmas holidays, when the remainder of the public business will be proceeded with.