HC Deb 09 May 1853 vol 126 cc1380-1

said, he would now beg to move that an Address be presented to Her Majesty, praying for the issue of a Commission to inquire into the corrupt practices which took place at the late election for the borough of Tynemouth; Commissioners' names that he proposed were, Henry Davison, esq., James Vaughan, esq., and John Hurrell, esq. In making this Motion he was but performing a ministerial act, and obeying the wishes of the Committee, who were unanimous on the subject. The House would probably be of opinion that under these circumstances the decision of the Committee was worthy of some attention. After evidence had been heard for two days, and after agency had been proved, the sitting Member immediately withdrew, and thus it was impossible for the Committee to go into all the cases at first submitted to it. One man was proved to have been bribed by a refreshment ticket, and it was also proved that these tickets were issued by both the candidates. The Committee unanimously decided that there was reason to believe that corrupt practices extensively prevailed at the last election for Tynemouth, and that not only extensive treating but extensive bribery had also taken place.


said, he had given notice Of his intention to oppose the suspension of the writ for the borough of Tynemouth, because at the time he gave that notice he had not arrived at the same conclusion as the Committee. If, however, it was the desire of the House to support the recommendations of the Committee, he should offer no opposition.

Motion agreed to.

Resolved— That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, which was read. Resolved— That the same Address be communicated to The Lords, at a Conference, and their concurrence desired thereto. Ordered— That a Conference be desired with The Lords upon the subject matter of an Address to be presented to Her Majesty under the provisions of the Act of the 15 & 16 of Her present Majesty, c. 57; and that Sir Benjamin Hall do go to The Lords and desire the said Conference. Ordered— That no new Writ be issued for the Borough of Tynemouth before the 2nd day of June next.