HC Deb 14 March 1853 vol 125 cc151-2

Order for Second Reading read.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Bill be now read a Second Time."


after presenting a petition from certain wharfingers and others interested in the property on the north bank of the Thames against the Bill, moved that it be read a second time that day six months. It was evident that the proposed railway would cause great obstruction to the traffic on the river, and to the trade of the wharfingers on the banks, while it would afford little benefit to the public; for the provision made by the small steamboats for the conveyance of passengers along the river afforded ample accommodation.


was understood to press the second reading of the Bill on the ground that the railway would afford increased facilities for traffic, which were very much wanted.

Amendment proposed, to leave out the word "now," and at the end of the Question to add the words "upon this day six months."

Question proposed, "That the word 'now' stand part of the Question."

Amendment and Motion, by leave, withdrawn.


objected, that the interests of the Crown would be affected by this Bill, and that the Board of Works and the Commissioners of Land Revenues ought to have been consulted. As that had not been done, unless the promoters consented to postpone the second reading, he should be compelled to move that it be put off to that day six months.


believed his hon. Friend was now too late. The Government ought to have been more wide awake. He believed the Bill would be of great public advantage. The objection to it came from the steamboat companies, who did not want the competition of a railway; he was, however, for giving to the public the benefit of as much competition as possible, and he hoped the Government would not oppose the second reading.


concurred with his noble Friend that the Government ought to have have been more wide awake, in regard to this Bill, which would no doubt interfere with land belonging to the Crown, namely, that which was below highwater mark. It would be better to postpone the second reading until the question of how far the Bill would affect the rights of the Crown had been reported upon by the proper officers.


consented, and the second reading was postponed to the 4th of April.

Bill to be read 2° on Monday, 4th April.