HC Deb 07 March 1853 vol 124 cc1287-8

Order read, for resuming adjourned Debate on Question [1st March], "That the Writ for the Borough of Bridgenorth be suspended till Tuesday the 15th day of this instant March."

Question again proposed.

Debate resumed.


said, he understood that a petition, numerously signed, was expected to arrive from this borough to-morrow. His purpose would be answered by having the seven days' notice. The inhabitants of these boroughs ought at any rate to have an opportunity of representing their case, and seven days would be sufficient for that purpose. He had not been influenced in any way by party motives. In the two boroughs whose cases they had discussed, one Member sat on one side the House, the other on the other. With reference to these horrible and most disgraceful transactions, it was the duty of the House, if they did not wish to lose caste in the country, to show their determination to sift the matter to the bottom.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

The House adjourned at One o'clock.