HC Deb 02 March 1853 vol 124 cc926-9

MR. GASKELL moved— That Mr. Speaker do not issue his warrant to the Clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for the electing of a Burgess to serve in this present Parliament for the borough of Clitheroe until Monday the 11th day of April next. The hon. Gentleman said he would not express any opinion as to the course which it would be expedient to pursue with reference to this borough, as the evidence taken before the Committee would so soon be in the hands of Members. He would only say that he made this proposition with the unanimous concurrence of the other. Members of the Committee.


said, he thought the House ought to exercise great caution in their proceedings upon Motions of this kind, for it would be an extreme injustice, when an individual case of bribery only might arise, to deprive a borough of its representative. As it appeared to be the opinion of the Committee that it was de- sirable to suspend the issue of the writ in this case, he could not, of course, oppose the Motion.


concurred in opinion with his right hon. Friend; and he also doubted whether it was expedient to fix the same day for so many of these Motions with regard to writs.


thought, that the Chairman of the Committee having made this proposition, it ought to receive the sanction of the House; but where no special Report was made, and only a single case of bribery arose, it would be almost unconstitutional to suspend the issuing of a writ.

Motion agreed to.

House adjourned at half after Five o'clock.