HC Deb 28 February 1853 vol 124 cc733-4

, the Chairman of the Clitheroe Election Cammittee, appeared at the bar and reported, that the Committee had unanimously determined that Matthew Wilson, Esq., was not duly elected a Burgess to serve in the present Parliament for the Borough of Clitheroe; that the last Election for the said Borough was a void Election; and that the Committee had unanimously agreed, that the said Matthew Wilson, Esq., was, by his agents, guilty of bribery and treating, at the last Election for the Borough of Clitheroe, but that it was not proved that such bribery and treating had been committed with the consent or knowledge of the said Matthew Wilson, Esq. The Committee also reported that it appeared that extensive and systematic treating, together with other corrupt and illegal practices, prevailed at the last Election for the said Borough; that violent and tumultuous proceedings appear to have taken place at the said Election, and that hired bands of men, armed with sticks and bludgeons, were introduced into the said Borough for purposes of undue influence and intimidation.

Report to lie on the table.

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