HC Deb 25 February 1853 vol 124 c648

said, that it was his duty to state to the House that he had received a communication informing him of the decease of the brother of one of the Members appointed to try this petition. Colonel Vernon Harcourt had addressed a letter to him stating that he (Col. Harcourt) had just heard of the death of one of his brothers, and that, although it was his duty to appear at the table of the House at Four o'clock, in order to be sworn, he trusted to the indulgence of his fellow-committee men and of the House for one week, if that indulgence could be granted to him. It was clear that, under those circumstances, the Committee were not in a condition to act, inasmuch as it was necessary that the Members should be sworn at the table. In support of the letter which had been addressed to him, he (Sir J. Trollope) held in his hand an affidavit made by Lord Hotham, who stated that he had received information of the death of the brother of Col. Harcourt. Under these circumstances he (Sir J. Trollope) had to move that the House would be pleased to dispense with the attendance of Col. Harcourt; that the present Committee be discharged; and that it be referred to the Committee of Selection to appoint another Committee. That, he thought, would be a bettor course than that the Committee already appointed should adjourn its sittings.


said, he would beg to inquire upon what clause of the Act relating to contested elections the hon. Member rested his Motion?


On the 71st Clause.

Motion agreed to.

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