HC Deb 22 February 1853 vol 124 cc465-6

Order for Committee read.

House in Committee.

Clause 3.


said, that this Bill professed to be a reforming Bill, and one for saving expense to suitors; but he believed, in its present state, it would most seriously increase expense, and create additional inconvenience by requiring witnesses to travel from great distances. He wished to propose several Amendments to this clause, for the purpose of restricting the retiring pension to the case of Examiners already appointed, and for allowing compensation only in case of removal to such Examiners as should be hereafter appointed.


said, he must resist the Amendments on the ground that they would go in a great measure to nullify the rest of the Bill. He himself had some verbal Amendments to propose in the clause. Some Members had supposed that this Bill specially referred to the gentleman who had acted as Examiner before the Bill of last Session passed; but any one who read the Bill must have seen that it was confined to the Examiners appointed subsequently to the passing of that Act.


said, the Act of last Session limited the pension of the Examiner to 300l. a year, and only gave it after thirty years' service. He objected to a gentleman being entitled to claim a pension after twenty years' service, when in the full vigour of his professional knowledge and skill.


thought the hon. Member for Salford (Mr. Brotherton) ought to adopt the Same course with regard to the present Government which he adopted when his (Mr. Bagge's) party were in power, namely, resist the proceeding with business after twelve o'clock. He should move that the Chairman report progress. He appealed to the hon. Member for Salford to be consistent, and not desert his duties on the accession of a new Government.


said, he had never relaxed his endeavours to secure early adjournments. He had been in the House now for twelve hours, whereas the hon. Mover of the Amendment had but just come in.


said, he thought it must be quite evident that, however the hon. Member for Salford might have persevered in his efforts, under several different Administrations, he had not succeeded in his favourite object.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.


said, he had now to move that the blank in the portion of the clause fixing the number of years' service which should entitle the Examiners to claim pension, should be filled up with "twenty."

MR. G. BUTT moved, as an Amendment, the insertion of the word "thirty."


wished to point out that this was only an enabling clause, and that if the Amendment were carried, it would make the Examiners an exception to all the other officers of the Court of Chancery, in respect to the number of years' service required to give them a claim to a pension.


said, he could see no reason why a gentleman who might be appointed when very young should be entitled to a pension after only twenty years' service.

Question put, "That the blank be filled with 'twenty.'"

The Committee divided:—Ayes 37; Noes 20: Majority 17.

House resumed. Bill reported as amended.

House adjourned at half-past One o'clock.