HC Deb 11 February 1853 vol 124 cc40-1

wished to know whether the obstacles which had arisen with regard to the completion of the constitution of the Cape of Good Hope—those relating to the franchise and the separation of the two Provinces—had been removed, and whether there was any prospect of the speedy completion of that constitution according to the letters patent of 1850? Also, whether the Government had any intention of forming a convict settlement in any part of South Africa? And whether the movement of the troops upon the territory of the Basuter was likely to lead to a prolongation of hostilities, or promised a speedy and permanent establishment of the British authority over the Orange River Sovereignty?


, with reference to the first question, said that the nature of the franchise, and all the other details to be decided upon before the introduction of a new form of legislature, were at present under the consideration of the Government, and he had reason to believe that the matter was now in such a state of forwardness that it would admit of the constitutional ordinance being sent out to the colony by the mail of next month. It answer to the second question, he had to state that the Government had no intention of establishing a convict settlement in any part of South Africa. With regard to the third question, General Cathcart had advanced with a body of 2,000 troops to the Orange River territory, but there was no indication that the presence of the troops was likely to lead to a hostile collision; and he had not gone into that Sovereignty in pursuance of any decision of the Government of this country in connexion with the Sovereignty of that part of South Africa.