HC Deb 20 August 1853 vol 129 cc1829-30

said, he begged to inquire whether, in the absence of the noble Lord the Member for London, the noble Lord the Secretary for the Home Department was able, under present circumstances, to assure the House as to the moral confidence which Her Majesty's Government entertained with respect to the evacuation of the Danubian Principalites being such as to allow Parliament to be prorogued without anxiety? To this one point the attention of the country was mainly directed; and he believed that, for the security of commerce, it was most important that it should be settled.


The answer as to the confidence of Her Majesty's Government will be given in the shortest possible space—namely, that their belief is that Parliament may be prorogued under present circumstances. As to the evacuation of the Principalities, I have only to say that I am confident the Emperor of Russia, having that regard to his honour and character which every Sovereign of a great country must always be inspired by, will take the earliest opportunity, after the settlement with Turkey, of his own accord to make a merit of evacuating the Principalities without the smallest delay. That is my confident expectation and belief.