HC Deb 08 August 1853 vol 129 c1469

On the Order of the Day for going into Committee of Supply,


said: Sir, I take this opportunity of making an inquiry of Her Majesty's Government with respect to a question which I understand has been adverted to in an earlier part of the evening, namely, to the account that has been received of the acceptance by the Emperor of Russia of certain propositions which were presented to him by what I may call the Congress of the Great Powers, which has been sitting at Vienna. I understand that the noble Lord (Lord John Russell) holds out no prospect to the House of the papers being laid upon the table, or of any day being appointed for a discussion upon this important subject. And considering the month, and the date of the month, I am not at all surprised that the noble Lord indulged in these observations. But what I wish to know from Her Majesty's Government is, considering, the peculiar circumstances of this case, whether the noble Lord has any objection to state to the House the nature of those propositions which, we understand, have been accepted by the Emperor Of Russia?


Sir, I cannot at present state the propositions which have been made to the Emperor of Russia. I have already stated, in answer to a question, that before the prorogation of Parliament I will give all the information which it is consistent with duty to afford. What that information may be, of course I will not anticipate; but I will certainly state to the House as much as it will be in my power to state with a view to the public interest.