HC Deb 01 August 1853 vol 129 cc1112-3

Before the House proceeds to business, I have to announce that preparations have been made for carrying out the new mode of taking divisions in this House. I propose that the following rule shall be laid down, which I hope will prove satisfactory:— When the House is about to proceed to a division, the Speaker will direct 'strangers to with- draw;' upon which the Sergeant will see that the seats below the gallery, and in the front gallery, are clear; and the clerk will turn the sandglass. As soon as the sand is run out, the clerk will inform the Speaker, who will call 'Order,' preparatory to putting the question. The Sergeant will, upon the call of order, half close the door, and keep it half closed as long as there are Members in sight, approaching the door of the House. When Members are no longer in sight, the Sergeant will close the door, and will lock it upon the Speaker putting the question.