HC Deb 14 April 1853 vol 125 cc1116-7

said, he would take the present opportunity of giving an answer to a question put to him the other day by the hon. Member for Poole (Mr. Danby Seymour) with respect to the alleged cleaning of some of the pictures in the National Gallery with warm water. The trustees of the National Gallery had had the matter under their serious consideration, and they had furnished him with copies of two reports which had been sent to him—one from Mr. Uwins, keeper of the Gallery, and the other from Mr. Seguier, who had the care of the pictures. Mr. Seguier had given a succinct account of all the proceedings which had taken place with reference to this matter of the cleaning of the pictures, and he proposed to forward that report, as well as the report of Mr. Uwins, to the Chairman of the Committee which was about to sit upon the subject of the Fine Arts. According to the opinions expressed by Mr. Seguier, nothing of an unwise or indiscreet character had been done with reference to the pictures, nor was there any reason to believe that any injury had been inflicted. It was likewise stated that as regarded the cleaning of the pictures, nothing further would be done until after the end of the Session, so that the Committee would have ample time to take the matter into their deliberate consideration before adopting any steps with reference to it.