HC Deb 28 May 1852 vol 121 cc1362-3

Bill, as amended, considered.


moved the insertion of a Proviso to the second clause, the object of which was to except the tithings of Huish juxta Highbridge and Worston from the operation of the Act. The place was a rural and secluded hamlet, which was separated from Burnham, and had no connexion whatever with it. It was in a separate hundred, and in a separate tithing; and was, he suspected, one of those instances of compulsion upon small places which he had always been afraid would be resorted to in order to help larger places to bear the burden of this Act. In this case, however, it could not be alleged that this hamlet could gain the slightest advantage by an union with Burnham; and he trusted that the House would consent to the Proviso, which would exempt the rural hamlet he had described from a very great hardship.

Amendment proposed— At the end of Clause 2, to insert the words 'That the Act shall apply to all the boundary of the district of Burnham, assigned by the Provisional Order of the General Board of Health, excepting those parts respectively situate within the tithings of Huish juxta Highbridge, and Worston.


hoped the House would not accede to the Amendment, as the Bill as it now stood had been approved of by the Board, and if any difficulty of this sort arose, a suitable remedy was provided by law. An inspector, who was sent down, had recommended at first that an area of greater extent should be included in the Bill. Memorials were sent in opposition to this recommendation, and another inspector was sent down, who reduced the area to that now included in the Bill. No other memorial had been presented objecting to this limited area. He (Mr. Hayter) had presented a petition of 120 persons, presenting 120,000l. worth of property, in favour of the Bill as it was now introduced. Two petitions, signed by six persons, had been presented by his hon. Friend (Mr. Miles) upon a matter entirely distinct from this Proviso. If the present area were limited, the sanitary purposes of the Bill could not be effected. He trusted the noble Lord (Lord J. Manners) would not agree to the proviso.


said, that a memorial was presented to the Government last Session, and he had presented five petitions for the exclusion of this area.


hoped that his hon. Friend (Mr. Miles) would not press his Proviso, as he was convinced that if it were agreed to, Burnham might as well be struck out of the Bill.

Question, "That those words be there inserted," put, and negatived.