HC Deb 11 May 1852 vol 121 c499

said, that for some time past disputes had been pending between the Porte and the Pacha of Egypt which had caused much solicitude in this country, as they were considered to involve the tranquillity of Egypt and the safety of the overland route. A report was current that the differences had been arranged; and although he believed that that was correct, it would be a great satisfaction to the public to hear it confirmed from an official source. He begged, therefore, to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether Her Majesty's Government had received any official information of the termination of the dispute between the Porte and the Pacha of Egypt, and particularly of the withdrawal of the proposal by the Porte to deprive the Pacha of the power of life and death in Egypt.


I have very great pleasure in informing the hon. Gentleman and the House that the differences that have existed between the Porte and the Pacha of Egypt have terminated. The Government have received an official notification of a complete adjustment having taken place. The Porte has conceded to Abbas Pacha the power of capital punishment—of life and death—for a term of seven years, and the Pacha has accepted that compromise as perfectly satisfactory.

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