HC Deb 17 March 1852 vol 119 cc1222-3

begged to move for leave to bring in a Bill to abolish the Property Qualification for Members of Parliament. The House would perhaps remember that, in the course of last Session, he took occasion to give notice of his intention to bring the subject under the notice of that House. His noble Friend the Member for the City of London (Lord John Russell) bad, however, subsequently made it the subject of one of the Clauses of the Bill for the reform of the representation, which he had introduced; but as that measure had been withdrawn, he now took the earliest opportunity of again bringing the question before the notice of the House; and if there was no objection to the introduction of the Bill, he would waive all discussion of the subject till the second reading.


said, he would not offer any opposition to the introduction of the measure of the right hon. Gentleman, inasmuch as it had constituted a portion of the Bill of the noble Lord the Member for London, to the introduction of which no opposition had been offered, and of which measure it was not the most important portion. He must reserve to himself, however, the full right of dealing with the Bill hereafter, and be understood as not pledging the Government on the subject one way or the other.


said, he should be very jealous of, and oppose to the utmost of his power, any attempt to do away with such qualifications as he considered were constitutionally necessary.

Leave given.

Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. Tufnell. Sir William Molesworth, and Mr. Ewart.

The House adjourned at half after Three o'clock.