HC Deb 25 June 1852 vol 122 cc1297-8

begged to ask the right hon. Secretary for the Homo Department, why the privilege of riding down Constitution-hill to the Birdcage-walk was withdrawn from the public?


said, he was very much obliged to the hon. Member for having put the question. The answer to it was a very simple one, namely, that the privilege had not been withdrawn, nor was it intended to be. There had been some misapprehension on the subject. The gates were, it was true, closed on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning; but so soon as the fact was brought to his knowledge on the Thursday morning, he had the matter corrected. He wished the House to be fully aware that no privilege whatever with reference to the parks had been withdrawn from the public since Her Majesty had come to the Throne. Last year a new and temporary privilege was conceded to the public, namely, that of allowing persons to pass through the Stable-yard on horseback. This was to facilitate the going to the Crystal Palace. He begged to inform the House that that privilege was not intended to be withdrawn. Advantage, however, bad been taken of the privilege, and certain carriages had gone up and down Constitution-hill without permission. Instructions were therefore given to stop carriages that were found to be driving up and down; but no instructions had been given to prevent persons on horseback from going to and fro, as before.