HC Deb 25 June 1852 vol 122 cc1315-6

On Motion for considering the Roport,


said, that the Committee were of opinion that the Standing Order passed in the year 1713, which rendered it necessary for any hon. Member bringing forward a Motion on the subject of religion to move it in a Committee of the whole House, should be dispensed with as no longer necessary, and as sometimes leading to considerable inconvenience. The Committee also proposed some other minor alterations in the Standing Orders. With regard to the private business, he begged to observe that the House and the public were under great obligations to many hon. Members, whose names were not very frequently mentioned, for their sedulous and valuable attendance on Committees. As an instance, he might mention that the Committee for investigating the subject of the Water Supply of the Metropolis had sat for no less than forty-nine days.


thought that nothing was more important to the regular proceedings of the House than the simplification of these Orders. He considered that the hon. Member (Mr. W. Patten) was entitled to the thanks of the House for the great attention he had devoted to the subject.


said, he cordially agreed in the praise bestowed on the hon. Member. He, however, was of opinion the Standing Order with respect to a Committee of the House on religious questions should not be altered at present, but should be carefully considered at some future period.


said, he wished to bear testimony to the zeal of the hon. Member, their Chairman, and to the good attendance of the other Members.

Report brought up.