HC Deb 25 June 1852 vol 122 cc1294-6

moved that the House do agree to the Amendments made by the Lords in this Bill.

Amendments considered, and agreed to, as far as the Amendment in page 11, line 7.

On Question that the next Amendment in page 11, line 7 [leave out "right,"] be read a second time,


said, he objected to this Amendment. In describing the Bishop of Aberdeen, Dr. Skinner, the Lords had struck out the word "right" before the word "reverend," as it stood originally in the Bill, so that the Bishop was called simply "the Reverend W. Skinner." He moved to restore the words which the Lords had struck out, because he believed that "right reverend" was the proper and legal designation of a Bishop everywhere.


thought that it would be better to let the Bill stand as it had come down to them from the Lords.

Motion made, and Question put, "That this House doth disagree with the Lords in the said Amendment."

The House divided:—Ayes 64; Noes 15: Majority 49,

List of the AYES.
Adderley, C. B. Gwyn, H.
Arkwright, G. Hamilton, G. A.
Bailey, G. Hamilton, Lord C.
Bailey, J. Hayter, rt. hon. W. G.
Baillie, H. J. Henley, rt. hon. J. W.
Baring, rt. hon. Sir F.T. Hope, Sir J.
Barrington, Visct. Jolliffe, Sir W. G. H.
Beresford, rt. hon. W. Knox, hon. W. S.
Boldero, H. G. Legh, G. C.
Bruce, C. L. C. Lennox, Lord H. G,
Buller, Sir J. T. Mackinnon, W. A.
Burghley, Lord Mandeville, Visct.
Carter, S. Manners, Lord J.
Chandos, Marq. of Masterman, J.
Christopher, rt. hn. R.A. Morgan, O.
Clive, hon. R. H. Napier, rt. hon. J.
Cockburn, Sir A. J. E. Pakington, rt. hon. Sir J.
Currie, H. Palmer, R.
Disraeli, rt. hon. B. Prime, R.
Dodd, G. Seaham, Visct.
Douglas, Sir C. E. Sotheron, T. H. S.
Duckworth, Sir J. T. B. Stafford, A.
Duncombe, hon. A. Tennent, Sir J. E.
Dundas, rt. hon. Sir D. Thompson, Col.
Dunne, Col. Tollemache, J.
Egerton, Sir P. Trollope, rt. hon. Sir J.
Egerton, W. T. Waddington, H. S.
Emlyn, Visct. Walpole, rt. hon. S. H.
Estcourt, J. B. B. Willoughby, Sir H.
Farrer, J. Wood, Sir W. P.
Fuller, A. E.
Galway, Visct. TELLERS.
Gilpin, Col. Gladstone, W. E.
Gordon, Adm. Adair, H. E.
List of the NOES.
Aglionby, H. A. Langston, J. H.
Boyle, hon. Col. Matheson, Col.
Brown, W. Milligan, R.
Clay, Sir W. Stuart, Lord D.
Duncombe, T. Tennent, R. J.
Evans, Sir De L. Wrightson, W. B.
Hall, Sir B. TELLERS.
Harris, R. Brotherton, J.
Hindley, C. Duncan, G.

Lords' Amendment disagreed to.

In page 11, line 8, the next Amendment [after "D.D." insert "Episcopal."]


said, he had another Amendment to propose. He did not know what artist in the House of Lords had tried his hand upon this Bill, but he certainly could not compliment him upon his skill. The title of Bishop "of" Aberdeen had been altered to Bishop "in" Aberdeen, and to that he did not object; but he did object to have Dr. Skinner described as an "episcopal" bishop. He hoped there would be no division upon this question. He thought the title of the Bishop should run thus, "the Right Reverend William Skinner, Bishop in Aberdeen, and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church."


suggested, whether "Primus of the Episcopal Church in Scot- land" would not be the more correct designation.


assented to this view of the case.

Lords' Amendment disagreed to.

Subsequent Amendments agreed to.

Committee appointed, "to draw up reasons to be assigned to the Lords for disagreeing to the Amendments to which this House hath disagreed:"—Mr. Gladstone, Mr. Henley, Mr. Tatton Egerton, Mr. Cornwall Legh, Mr. Currie, Colonel Estcourt, and Admiral Gordon.

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