HC Deb 23 June 1852 vol 122 cc1236-8

House in Committee.

Order for Committee read.

Remaining clauses agreed to.

On Schedule A.,


moved the insertion of "the parish of Willesden, in the county of Middlesex." This parish was only three miles and a half from Hyde Park Corner. The proposed cemetery there was unfit for interment, and, in fact, the ground was nearly covered with buildings. Willesden would soon become a mere suburb of London, and interment there would be dangerous to health. Besides, the large cemetery of Kensal Green was within a mile of that place.

Words inserted.


moved the following clause:— And be it enacted, that for the purpose of promoting extramural interments and economy in funeral expenses, the post-horse duty and assessed tax on carriages let on hire be from the passing of this Act repealed, as regards all horses and carriages kept to be let to hire solely for funeral purposes. His object was to place the owners of such carriages in the same position they were in before the blunder in the Act of 1840, by which they were taxed to the amount of 6l. 12s., whereas before then these carriages were free from taxation.


said, however desirous the Government might be to agree to the clause, the hon. Gentleman could not propose such a clause in the present Bill. It would be necessary, with a clause of this nature, to go into Committee of the whole House.

Clause withdrawn.


moved the following clause:— Where any order for the discontinuance of burials aforesaid shall affect any burial ground other than the burial ground of any parish, compensation shall be made by the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to all persons interested in such burial ground, for the loss or damage which may be sustained by them by reason of the discontinuance of such burials as might lawfully have been made in such ground, in case such order had not been made, provided such persons shall within three calendar months after the time from which burial is, under such order as aforesaid, to be discontinued in such grounds, state in writing to the commissioners the particulars of their claim for such loss or damage. And in case of any difference arising between the claimants for such compensation and the commissioners as to the amount which may be justly due, it shall be lawful for the Secretary of State to appoint an arbitrator to fix such amount, and such arbitrator shall be empowered to examine any person, including such persons interested in such claims, on oath, and to require the production of any documents bearing on such claim, and after full inquiry by such means as to him may seem necessary, he shall deliver his award, which on receiving the confirmation of the Secretary of State shall be final.


said, he must object to the introduction of the clause.


said, unless compensation was granted, many parties would be ruined by the shutting up of burial grounds, for which they had paid considerable sums.


said, he hoped the clause would be considered before the third reading of the Bill, which he trusted would be reprinted, with the numerous Amendments that had been made.

Clause postponed.

House resumed; Bill reported.