HC Deb 09 June 1852 vol 122 c374

Order for Committee read. House in Committee.

Clause 25 (Empowers the Lord Chancellor to give pensions to retiring Judges).


said, before the Committee took any step to increase pensions, they should have some good reason. He would beg to move to add the following words:— Provided that such Judge, at the time of such resignation, shall have served the office of Judge for a period of not less than fifteen years. They were by this clause about to empower the Lord Chancellor to grant pensions, not exceeding two-thirds of the salary, to any of the Judges, without any restriction. The Act giving power to grant pensions to the Judges of the Superior Courts provided that no such pensions should be allowed unless such Judges had served fifteen years, or are afflicted with some infirmity rendering them incapable of fulfilling their office. He did not see why this principle should be departed from in the case of County Court Judges.


said, the object of the retiring pension was to induce the retirement of Judges who, from age and other causes, should be incompetent. If the hon. Gentleman had moved that the pension should be given only in cases of infirmity, or having served fifteen years, he should not have objected to it.


said, they had already provided for bodily infirmity, and what be wanted to do was to prevent pensions being granted to Judges who have not served for fifteen years.


said, this Amendment would prevent pensions being granted even in cases of permanent infirmity rendering the Judge unfit to fulfil his office.

Amendment withdrawn; Clause agreed to. The remaining clauses were then agreed to.

House resumed.

Bill reported.

The House adjourned at two minutes before Six o'clock.