HC Deb 07 June 1852 vol 122 cc189-90

moved for leave to bring in a Bill to continue and amend the Metropolitan Sewers Act. It was simply a Continuance Bill, and he proposed in it to exempt agricultural land from three-fourths of the charge, which, he thought, had most unjustly fallen upon it.


said, he thought the question of charging the agricultural districts with a smaller amount of rates was one of too much importance to be opened in a mere Continuance Bill. He should, therefore, give that part of the measure the most strenuous opposition, and he hoped the other Metropolitan Members would do the same.


remarked that the Act in its present state was quite unworkable, from the amount of legal technicalities with which it was embarrassed, and with which no exertion on the part of the officers engaged in carrying it into effect would enable them to cope. He wished to ask the noble Lord whether he was borne out by the opinion of the Commissioners of Sewers with respect to the single clause which he proposed in addition to those parts of the Bill which related to the continuance of the existing Act?

Leave given.

Bill read 1°.

The House adjourned at a quarter after One o'clock.