HC Deb 01 July 1852 vol 122 c1431

said, he wished to ask the noble Lord the First Commissioner of Works, what measures were going to be taken during the recess for the ventilation of the House, either in the mode which had been proposed, or in any other way? He wished to know whether anything had been done according to the Report of the Committee appointed to consider the subject, or whether the whole question of ventilation would be left to be considered by the wisdom of a future Parliament?


said, the course he proposed to take, was, that the recommendation of the Committee appointed to inquire into this subject should be carried out, and, with the co-operation of the Gentlemen whose services had received a complimentary allusion in the last Report of the Committee, he trusted that, during the recess, arrangements for the lighting, warming, and ventilation of the House would be carried on efficiently, so as to enable the Members of the new Parliament to enter a House rendered far more agreeable in these important particulars than it was at present.