HC Deb 16 December 1852 vol 123 c1570

said, he wished to put a question to the noble Lord the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, relating to the case of the two Madiais, now under sentence of imprisonment by the Tuscan Government; and whether any reasonable hopes might be entertained as to their speedy release? He wished to know what communications had taken place between Sir Henry Bulwer and the Tuscan Government? He had been informed that an amnesty to prisoners would be extended, in the event of the favourable accouchement of the Duchess. That favourable event had occurred, and the amnesty had in due course been extended to persons in prison for crime and riot, but not to the unfortunate Madiais. The question he wished to put to the Government was, whether the communications received from Sir Henry Bulwer were such as to induce a reasonable hope that the Madiais would he speedily released?


replied that the hon. Gentleman had correctly stated the facts. The Government had received several communications from Sir Henry Bulwer on the subject of the Madiais, and he thought from the general tone of these communications there was a reasonable hope of their speedy release, but he was not in a position to give any certain or positive information on the matter.