HC Deb 06 April 1852 vol 120 cc797-8

Order for Committee read.

House in Committee.

Clause 1.


said, this measure was called the Suitors in Chancery Relief Bill, but he did not think the suitors in Chancery would get much relief by it. However, as the Bill was before the Committee, he would toy to make something out of it. It was supposed that a number of persons who had been paid by fees should in future be paid by salaries. They should take care that they gave salaries of a specific amount, and that they did not give salaries calculated on an average amount of fees for three years, of which they knew nothing. If they did not use proper caution, the same thing might occur as had formerly occurred in the case of the Six Clerks, He proposed as an Amendment to the clause on this subject, that those parties should be paid by salaries according to an amount to be fixed in a schedule annexed to the Act.


said, he agreed in the principle that had been suggested by his hon. Friend; but he must go further than that. He knew the complaints that were made with respect to the payments that were made to certain individuals who had been officers of the Court of Chancery (Six Clerks), some of whom were receiving 7,000l. a year; and it might be deemed desirable if in the present case the names of the parties could be inserted, with the salaries affixed to each of them.

Notice taken that forty Members were not present, Committee counted; and forty Members not being present, Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair; House counted; and forty Members not being present,

The House was adjourned at a quarter before Eight o'clock, till Monday 19th April.