HC Deb 10 March 1851 vol 114 cc1179-80

wished to put another question to the right hon. Gentleman with reference to a return with regard to Church preferments which had been presented to the House. On the 30th of May, 1850, the House had ordered a return to be made of the preferments held by archbishops, bishops, and dignitaries of the Church. All the returns which had been made were imperfect; but from the Bishops of Ely, St. David's, and Exeter, the only answer was, "No return made." He wished to ask, whether any communication had been made to those right rev. prelates in pursuance of the Order of the House—whether that communication had been made to them more than once—and whether there was any hope that those right rev. prelates would make any return?


said, that the Order for the return had been communicated to all the bishops; and, in cases where no return had been previously received, a letter had been addressed to the right rev. prelates and others on the 29th of July last. Since then returns had been received from all of them except three. On the 6th of August, he (Sir G. Grey) had received a letter from the Bishop of St. David's, expressing his regret at the delay which had occurred, that he had lost no time in desiring his secretary to make the return, but it was found to be a matter which would occupy much labour and time. He had also received from the Bishop of Exeter, while transmitting to him some other returns, a communication, stating that, from the multitude of returns he had to make, he had been unable to prepare the one required; but at the same time adding, that he thought it was a question whether he ought to make any such return. From the Bishop of Ely he had received no information.