HC Deb 03 March 1851 vol 114 cc1085-6

MR. W. WILLIAMS moved for a return of all new places created, and appointments made, since the 6th day of April, 1848, whether under any Act of Parliament, or by any other authority, and of the names of the persons appointed to them; stating, separately, the salaries of each, and the estimated annual expenses of the establishments in connexion with such appointments, in continuation of Parliamentary Paper, No. 633, of Session 1848. A similar return in reference to the creation of new places had twice previously been granted. Information of this description was exceedingly valuable, and he trusted that it would not be refused on this occasion. From the former returns he had elicited these facts, that, from the 1st of September, 1841, to March 1845, during Sir Robert Peel's Government, there had been 600 new places created, with salaries attached amounting to 225,000l.; and that, during the Administration of the noble Lord now at the head of the Government, the return being from March 1845 to April 1848, there had been 1,414 new places created, with salaries attached amounting to 297,276l. Thus, in a period of seven years only, they had 2,014 new places, with salaries attached amounting to 522,276l. It was very desirable that this return should be continued, and that the House should further possess the knowledge of the new places created under the Government of the noble Lord from 1848 up to the date of his recent resignation.


said, that if he had been aware of the hon. Gentleman's intention to make this statement, he would, of course, have come down prepared with papers to show that, during the time the present Government had been in power they had reduced far more places than they had created. He would not, however, object to the return being granted.


said, that the return for which the hon. Member had just moved would only show the number of places created, but not the number of places made void. For instance, supposing that 2,000 places had been abolished, and 1,000 had been created, the return would only show the number of creations, but would give no idea whatever of the savings that had been effected.

Return ordered.

The House adjourned, at Six o'clock, till Friday.