HC Deb 19 July 1851 vol 118 cc1062-3

Order for Second Reading read.


, in moving the Second Reading of this Bill, said, he hoped the House would not find it necessary to discuss the measure upon that occasion. He had been induced to introduce some important alterations into the Bill in consequence of representations made to him at a conference with several gentlemen connected with the railway interest. All he then asked the House to do was to allow the Bill to be read a second time, and afterwards to be committed pro formâ in order that it might subsequently be printed in the form in which it would ultimately come before the House.


said, he thought the measure too important a one to be brought on for a second reading on a Saturday, and at the end of the Session. The object of the Bill was to alter for the benefit of the Post Office authorities the existing law as it had been interpreted by one of the law courts in Ireland.


said, that he did not mean to pledge himself to the support of the Bill, but he thought it a fair proposal that they should then read it a second time, and that they should afterwards commit it pro formâ, with a view to allow of its being subsequently brought under their notice in an amended form.


said, that parties connected with the railway interest complained that the Bill would compel them to carry the mails on new and on less favourable terms than heretofore. He did not, however, object to the proposal that the measure should then be read a second time, and afterwards committed pro formâ.


said, it was quite true, as intimated by the hon. Gentleman opposite (Mr. Grogan), that one of the Courts in Ireland had given a decision against a claim of the Post Office. But the Court appeared to have come to that decision with considerable hesitation, and one of the Courts in Scotland had given a completely opposite decision. The present measure would clearly define the law upon the subject in dispute.

Bill read 2°.

The House adjourned at a quarter after Five o'clock.