HC Deb 08 August 1851 vol 118 cc1960-1

wished to know whether the Government contemplated, during the recess, making any alteration in the state of things that now existed in the Ionian Islands?


said, he hardly knew how to answer the hon. Gentlemen, his question had been put in so vague a manner. Her Majesty's Government were quite prepared to consider any grievances that might be complained of, and to redress them.


said, there was another question on which he thought he was entitled to a positive answer. In the absence of the noble Lord the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, he had to ask the noble Lord at the head of the Government, whether there was any truth in that report, which appeared to be something more than a rumour, of an intention on the part of the Government to cede these islands to Greece? He expected the noble Lord to contradict that rumour. A speech had recently been made by Sir Henry Ward which gave rise to the rumour. He asked the noble Lord for specific information on this subject, and hoped that the Government did not recognise the statement made by Sir Henry Ward as to the intended surrender of these islands.


in reply, said, it was enough to say that there was no truth whatever in the rumour as to the surrender of the Ionian Islands to Greece.

Subject dropped.