HC Deb 04 April 1851 vol 115 c1114

MR. CHARTERIS moved for the appointment of a Select Committee to inquire into the present state of the Ordnance Survey of Scotland. The Ordnance Survey of England had been completed and published, with the exception of the four northern counties; and the survey of the whole of the counties of Ireland had been finished within the specified period of twenty years; while in Scotland, although the survey was commenced in 1809, only a fourth part had been as yet completed, and during a period of fifteen years nothing whatever had been done. It was calculated that the survey would require fifty years before it could be finished, if it were carried on in the same dilatory manner as heretofore. When he referred to the sums which had been laid out in conducting the survey, he found that in England 702,000l. had been expended, and in Ireland 820,000l.; whereas in the whole of Scotland there had been expended not more than 66,000l. What he asked for was, that justice should be done to Scotland in respect to this object of national importance.


said, that so far from throwing any difficulties in the way of the appointment of a Select Committee upon this question, he thought his hon. Friend deserved the thanks of all the Members connected with Scotland, for drawing attention to the grievance he so justly complained of. He was quite ready to admit that very little justice had been shown towards them, and he would not only support the Motion, but would be prepared to render every assistance in his power to the deliberations of the Committee.


complained of the great inaccuracy of some of the earlier surveys of the southern counties of England. In his own county a turnpike road was laid down on the Ordnance map at the distance of a quarter of a mile from its true position. He would suggest that the early surveys made in the southern counties and the neighbourhood of the metropolis should be recommenced.

Select Committee appointed to inquire into and report on the present state of the Ordnance Survey of Scotland, and on the works which will be required for its completion.

The House adjourned at a quarter after Twelve o'clock, till Monday next.