HC Deb 16 May 1850 vol 111 cc157-8

Resolutions reported.


asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he intended to furnish any data by which hon. Members might know what would be the precise gain or loss on the changes proposed to be effected? The 1l. per cent ad valorem on all conveyances had caused alarm to those who were interested in the transfer of joint-stock and other descriptions of personal property, as it would be extremely onerous, and, unless some modification were made in it, he believed it would meet with a most determined opposition.


was glad his hon. Friend did not oppose bringing up the report, because it was desirable the Bill should be printed and laid before the country, in order that it might be seen what benefits the measure would confer. No doubt some parts of the proposal would increase the duties in some cases; but, taking it altogether, he believed it to be a very considerable boon to the country. He should be glad if he could lay before the House any calculation which would show with any degree of precision what would be the loss or gain on each item; but he could assure his hon. Friend it was next to an impossibility to do it. All that the Government knew was the number of stamps that were issued, but to what purpose those stamps were applied they could not tell. He intended laying on the table a comparative scale of the present stamp duties and the proposed duties, and whatever explanation he could give on that point he should be glad to furnish to his hon. Friend. He was quite sensible with regard to the 1l. ad valorem duty on conveyances of personal property, that it might produce in some degree an effect such as his hon. Friend had stated; but, upon the whole, he thought the proposed measure contained a fairer scale of duties than existed at present. His attention had been called to that and other matters, but it was impossible he could enter into a discussion of them then.


wished to know whether the right hon. Gentleman would object to lay on the table an account of the value of the respective stamps that had been issued; and also the calculations upon which he had arrived at his conclusions with respect to progressive duties?


would lay on the table an account of the produce of each class of stamps, and that was the only document which he could say was a certain document.

Resolutions agreed to.

The House adjourned at a quarter after Two o'clock.