HC Deb 13 May 1850 vol 110 c1383

begged to ask the right hon. Gentleman the President of the Board of Trade, whether Government was prepared to bring in any Bill for improving the mode of taking the averages of the price of corn, with a view to arrive at more correct results?

MR. LABOUCHERE in reply said, that the noble Lord having called his attention to this subject during the last Session of Parliament, he had directed a circular to be sent round to the different inspectors, in order to ascertain whether it was possible to obtain more correct returns of the averages than those at present furnished. He admitted that the system on which the returns were now made up, was loose and inaccurate; but it was not equally clear that the averages returned were vitiated to any extent in consequence. The result of the inquiries he had made was, that except by a most expensive machinery and a vexatious interference as against the farmers, he feared it would be impossible greatly to improve the present system. But if the noble Lord or hon. Gentlemen connected with the agricultural interest could suggest a plan by which, without incurring any great additional expense, or interfering vexatiously with the farmer, more accurate returns could be obtained, he should be happy to give it his best consideration.

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