HC Deb 09 May 1850 vol 110 cc1279-80

Order for Committee read.


said, the Bill, which contained no fewer than 377 clauses, had only been delivered that day. The Lord Advocate had, however, paid great attention to the suggestions that had been made to hire, and he (Mr. Hume) believed that all the material objections raised against the Bill had been removed. It was not, there-fore, his intention to offer any obstacle to the progress of the measure.


hoped the Government would not think it necessary to proceed with the Public Health (Scotland) Bill, because he believed this Bill would carry out sanitary measures very efficiently, and would be generally acceptable to the country.


said, he would not proceed with the Public Health Bill to-night, and that ample notice would be given of the intention of the Government with regard to that measure. The Bill was not intended to supersede private Acts, but those towns which had private Acts would be enabled to place themselves under the operation of this measure.

House in Committee.

Clauses I to 60 were agreed to, with some verbal amendments.

Clause 61 was agreed to, with an Amendment in the proviso as to the maximum assessment in any year. The Committee raised the limit from 2s. in the pound to 2s. 6d. where the enactments of the Act with respect to water are adopted, leaving the limit still at 1s. 6d. where they are not.

The remaining clauses of the Bill were then agreed to; and three new clauses added.


said, one could not help congratulating the Committee, and especially the Members from Scotland, on the wonderful despatch and unanimity with which a Bill, consisting of not fewer than 380 clauses had been disposed of; and he begged to say that he thought the Committee bad that night effaced all memory of the evil precedent of yesterday.


hoped that every Bill would come into the House equally well considered beforehand. The hon. and learned Lord Advocate, by the great attention he had paid to the suggestions offered him, had saved a vast deal of time to the House, and had also completed a very satisfactory measure.

House resumed.

Bill reported; as amended, to be considered to-morrow,