HC Deb 26 March 1850 vol 109 cc1432-4

begged to move for a return of the amount of income tax paid in England, and reckoned as English income, but which was derived from Irish property.

Motion made, and Question proposed— That there be laid before this House, a Return of the amount of Income Tax paid in England, and reckoned as English income, but which is derived from Irish property, whether real property, mortgages, pensions, or property of any other description.


said, there was no objection on the part of the Government to afford such information, but he understood that this Motion had been made before, and that it had been then stated that there were no means of making such a return, and that if the House made such an order, there were no means of obeying it. He would, therefore, suggest to the hon. Gentleman to withdraw his Motion for the present, and in the meantime he would ascertain whether it was possible to produce such a return as would meet his views.


said, that this was not the first time the attention of the House had been called to the subject, and the Irish Members were very anxious upon it, inasmuch as very fallacious opinions had for a long time prevailed upon the incidence of taxation upon Ireland. They contended that they were more heavily taxed than in England. It was alleged that the Irish did not pay the income tax, but they alleged that more than half the rental of Ireland had regularly paid it. He thought it was quite necessary that at the present time the financial state of Ireland should be given forth to the whole of the world, and that the true condition of Ireland should be stated.


said, that after what had fallen from the right hon. Secretary to the Treasury he could not of course object to postpone his Motion; but it was very necessary that the true financial position of Ireland should be known at this moment.


hoped, if his hon. and gallant Friend postponed the Motion, it would be on the distinct understanding that, during the ensuing year another column or schedule, giving the required information, would be included in the returns for the ensuing year.


repeated that no objection existed to give information, but as to the suggestions of another column or schedule being added to the returns for next year, that could not be done unless permitted by the Act of Parliament under which the Commissioners were bound to frame their returns.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

The House adjourned, at Three o'clock, to Monday, 8th April.