HC Deb 15 March 1850 vol 109 cc1035-6

The House resolved itself into a Committee of Supply; Mr. Bernal in the chair.

The first Vote put was a vote of 80,000l. on account for General Staff Officers on foreign stations, exclusive of India.


said, this vote was among the estimates being considered by the Committee upstairs; but he believed it might be reduced one-half with benefit to the service.


wished to know if there had been any new issue of swords to the cavalry of the invention of the hon. Member for Birmingham.


was not aware that there had been any such new issue of swords; but he had seen the pattern sent to the Horse Guards by the hon. Member for Birmingham, and thought the weapon a very great improvement on the present cavalry sword.

Vote agreed to.

The following Votes on account were then severally agreed to without discussion:—

On Vote (13.) 17,000l. on account of Chelsea and Kilmainham Hospitals,


asked whether the arrangement with the East India Company, as to the payment of 60,000l. on account of the non-effective service of the Army, would come under the consideration of the select committee now sitting on the Army Estimates? The 60,000l bore a very small proportion to the whole cost of the non-effective force; and he wished to know on what foundation the bargain rested as between the revenues of India and the revenues of this country?


replied that the Committee had not taken that question into consideration, so far as they had yet gone. The East India Company paid 60,000l. yearly to the Treasury on this account, and it was paid into the Exchequer, and appropriated in aid. It was never borne on the Army Estimates.

Vote agreed to; as were also, without discussion. Votes (14.) 600,000l., on account, Out Pensioners; and (15.) 20,000l., on account. Pensions, Public Departments.