HC Deb 26 July 1850 vol 113 cc391-2

On the Motion, that the Lords' Amendments to this Bill be agreed to,


said, the Lords had made an alteration in the Bill as to the value of benefices that might be held in plurality; but in that alteration he saw nothing objectionable. With regard to the contiguity of benefices, however, they had made a change of which he did not approve. Instead of the arrangement agreed to in that House, the Lords had made it necessary only that the churches of two contiguous parishes held in plurality should not be more than three miles distant from each other. This he considered fatal to unity of charge; and therefore he would move the reinsertion of the words containing the principle of contiguity.


hoped the right hon. Gentleman would not press his Amendment. Much consideration had been given to the subject by the Bishops in the other House.

Committee appointed, "to draw up Reasons to be offered to the Lords at a Conference for disagreeing to the said Amendments"—Mr. Frewen, the Attorney General, Mr. Sotheron, Mr. Gladstone, Mr. Nicholl, Mr. Sidney Herbert, and Mr. Stafford. Three to be the quorum.

The House adjourned at Two o'clock till Monday next.