HC Deb 22 July 1850 vol 113 cc87-8

In answer to Mr. STAFFORD,


said: I propose to take the Lords' Amendments on the Irish Franchise Bill into consideration on Tuesday se'nnight. I propose on Friday, at Twelve o'clock, to take into consideration the Lords' Amendments to the Australian Colonies Bill. After the report upon the Mercantile Marine Bill, on Thursday, I propose to consider the Lords' Amendments upon the Metropolitan Interments Bill. I believe that they are not of very great importance, and it is desirable to complete that Bill as soon as possible. There is another Bill with respect to which a question was put to me on Friday last—I mean the Oaths Abjuration Bill, which has reference to the oaths taken by Members of Parliament. I was in hopes of being able to bring on the consideration of that Bill next week; but I find that there is still a considerable quantity of business in the Committee of Supply, which will probably take four or five nights, I could not, on this account, hope successfully to carry that Bill through this House in time to secure for it that consideration in the House of Lords which it would deserve; and I therefore do not intend to proceed with it in the present Session, but I shall go on with it at the earliest period next Session. I may also state that to-night, after Supply, I shall propose to proceed with the third reading of the Ecclesiastical Commission Bill.