HC Deb 19 July 1850 vol 113 cc36-7

Order for Committee read.

(1.) 45,3292. British Museum.


said, that the duty devolved upon him of moving in this Committee the vote for the expenses of the British Museum. He felt that all which could be properly addressed to the attention of hon. Members in reference to the national importance of the objects embraced in the application of the annual grants to this establishment, had been so well and so often stated by others, that it was unnecessary for him to trespass on the time of the Committee by going over the same matters on this occasion.


wished to ask the Members of Her Majesty's Government whether any definitive measures had yet been taken towards carrying out the recommendation of a Committee which had recently sat to inquire into the management and affairs of this important establishment? With regard to the defective condition of the catalogues, and the necessity for immediately remedying their deficiencies—one of the points embraced in that report—the impatience of the public to know what had really been done was, as might be expected, extreme. What steps had the Government taken in relation to other parts of the report, and when would it be laid on the table?


believed that the report had already been brought before the Government, and it would undoubtedly receive all consideration. For himself he trusted the hon. Gentleman would for-give him for saying that his time had been so much occupied with other matters as to have precluded him as yet from devoting the necessary consideration to its contents.

Vote agreed to.