HC Deb 18 February 1850 vol 108 cc1020-1

Resolutions reported.


having already stated his objections to the resolutions now before the House, would not repeat them on the present occasion. But when the Bill came before the House, he should move that it be read a second time on that day six months.


said, there was no evidence before the House that due efforts had been made to collect the rates due in these unions. On the contrary, it appeared that there had been great remissness, and he thought the vote ought to be postponed until the House had received further information on the state of these unions. All they knew at present was that the debt of these unions amounted to 300,000l.


did not think it advisable to defer the report, and thought the hon. Member would be better able to make his objections when the Bill was before the House. Although there were thirty unions in which distress existed, it would be wrong to say that the distress was confined to those unions, and that other unions might not require the assistance which this vote of a sum not exceeding 300,000l. would give.

Resolutions agreed to.

Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. Bernal, Lord John Russell, Sir George Grey, and Sir William Somerville.