HC Deb 04 February 1850 vol 108 cc270-1

wished to ask the hon. Member for Lancaster what was the present state of the new House of Commons, and when that House was likely to be ready for the reception of Members?


said, in reply to the first question, it was not very easy to define exactly the progress that had been made with the new House; but he supposed the principal object of the hon. Gentleman was to ascertain whether it could be completed during the present Session for the occupation of Members. He (Mr. Greene) had no hesitation in saying that it would be perfectly possible to finish the chamber in which that House was to sit, so far as to render it fit for the reception of Members during the present Session; but he apprehended that it would be utterly impossible for Members to use the new House with convenience or comfort to themselves until the refreshment-rooms, the library, and other apartments were completed. He had yesterday written to Mr. Barry, to ascertain from that gentleman when he conceived it possible that the House would be ready; and in reply Mr. Barry said, speaking of the refreshment-rooms, and other apartments necessary for the convenience of Members—"These portions of the building are now so far advanced towards completion that, if a sufficient vote is taken shortly, the whole will be got ready for use by the commencement of the next Session of Parliament."

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