HC Deb 08 August 1850 vol 113 cc951-2

Order for considering the Amendments to the Medical Charities (Ireland) Bill, read.

MR. CLEMENTS moved a clause as a substitute for Clause 8. He stated that one object of his proposition was, that poor-law guardians should divide unions, when necessary, into dispensary districts, in every case submitting such change to the consideration of the Board of Health.


said, he felt himself under some embarrassment with respect to the clause proposed; for although he did not object to the principle of the clause, it proposed to displace one which had the approval of his hon. and learned Friend the Member for the University of Dublin. The effect of the clause would be to give increased power to the local boards. He should not object to the clause if he might not be thought, perhaps, guilty of a breach of faith to his hon. and learned Friend the Member for the University of Dublin, by whom Clause 8 had been supported, and who was not then present.


supported the clause proposed to be substituted for Clause 8, which he thought a much better one than that.

It was agreed to strike out Clause 8, and substitute the amended clause instead.


said, he hoped the hon. Member would draw up a clause instead of Clause 13, in accordance with that one which he had just introduced. He (Sir W. Somerville) had undertaken to draw up a clause in accordance with Clause 8, but he could not now promise to do so.

Bill to be read 3° at Twelve o'clock To-morrow.